Fine tune needed ASAP

Hi there , any plans to include fine tuning - 100ths of a semitone / cents

I really need it as I work with samples that are not always at a=440


We have the fine tune in the bottom tuning panel…however it is not accurate to the 100th of semitone.

One option is to use pitch modulation automation lane to do so tuning, this is totally do able but does add an extra step to getting the pitch you want.

Been waiting over a year for semi tone/cent tuning adjustment in Sublab. I have made multiple requests, and seen it posted here over, and over, and over? I just went to pluginboutique to check for an update. It doesn’t even look like you have updated from v1.1.3 that I originally downloaded. Very DISAPPOINTED!!!
Are you doing any development, or just wasting everyone’s time by placating us with this B.S. request forum? I bought your plug because I support developers to grow the space. I could have easily acquired a cracked copy, but I don’t do that because I make money from producing, and want to support good companies to innovate. ARE YOU A GOOD COMPANY THAT LISTENS TO IT"S USERS, OR WHAT? LMK, so I can decide whether to dump SUBLAB off of my drive and move on…
And PLEASE, until you actually do some development, STOP sending me emails about people requesting things you NEVER follow up on.

@MrSpheres i think there are a lot of ongoing change requests in the backlog. i agree they need to be prioritized first. but the problem here is that priorities are never defined regarding the needs of one user but all of them instead. and i am not sure your specific request fits the need of the majority of FAW’s users and maybe a lot of them think there are more important issues to address before this one. am i wrong ?

You’re not wrong at all. I have made my requests, as many others have also made their unique request. To my point, I have not seen a single update yet, not one, so it seems pretty clear that this project is stalled. I would rather not get emails about the same work arounds over and over, yet I was told that this forum is the only place to get info about the project, so I have not unsubscribed in the hopes of some forward motion. My patience has run out. I support many different developers, and always happily pay for worth while updates, but when a team keeps telling people the updates are coming and never delivers, that to me is very unprofessional. Am I wrong?

@MrSpheres Not at all :wink: it s clear you are a bit upset and i can figure out. when you pay for something and it does not work as you expect… it s really annoying. but i don’t think the agressive way leads to good results (my opinion). also know that i agree with you: we need a more accurate fine tuning for those who work with other freq references than the regular 440Hz. I tried to get tuned on 432Hz and… it s really a pain and the result is just about 432Hz. I guess it’s not a big change as the fine tuning feature already exists. let’s keep hope this will be solve quickly and play music :slight_smile: