Is it possible to animate the effect of the modulators?

This may be a FR.

Is it possible to see the effect of the modulators on the destination? In other words, see the filter move or the dials turn to reflect the effect of the modulators? For me, I apply the modulators and can adjust the strength and hear the results, but there is no visual feedback whatsoever.


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Just moving this to feature requests…

George, we have thought about this many times and are currently in two minds about it. On the one had it would be useful to see the range of modulation around a knob directly. On the other, the interface could get cluttered super fast with lots of distracting movement around the knobs and also it costs processor cycles to paint the modulation. I’d imagine for an updated version, what we could do is on mouse hover show the modulation or maybe allow the user to enable/disable in the settings.

I can appreciate what you’re saying Gavin, but I too would greatly like to see this happen. I know it must be challenging, as almost no synths from most developers at any level do it. Still, a live implementation is highly desired and would certainly place the already amazing Circle synth above the crowd.

Half of the reason I’d love this is that often you find an amazing patch that is close to perfect, but doing something unwanted that you want to be able to quickly see and eliminate, and it’s sometimes nearly impossible to find out what is being modulated and causing the behavior.

The other half of the problem is purely the ability to easily validate that what you believe is being modulated in your own patches actually is. Sometimes it’s because an automation lane got wiped, sometimes it’s because bad midi or CC data is getting sent that you’re not seeing, and sometimes because you accidentally assigned the same control to two different parameters.

Mouse hover is something I hadn’t heard before, but it would be of very limited value to me for the majority of what I want.

The last thing I’ll say is that out of 70+ premium soft synths I have owned and used, it is this one feature that always makes me realize why I’m still looking at all.

@EnergyCrush I’m all down for it, just need to come up with a solution that works well and scales for lots of modulation connections. One idea that comes to mind is that we paint the modulation applied around the 3 circles under a knob. I think this would limit the clutter and the distraction and also provide some nice visual feedback. As part of the Circle³ work will definitely dig into it deeper when working on the design.

Hi @Gavin_FAW - it’s a cool thought, but I’d be happy with just knowing the value of a control visually at any point in time initially. Cirlce makes it relatively clear what the source modulators are for any given control within the synth itself, just not what the value is in real-time as the combinative result of those sources. I can “mute” or remove the internal modulation sources one at a time if I need to track down what is or isn’t working as I expect, but I’d only need to do that based on the behavior of the control. Seeing which source is having an effect might be a bonus, but not at the cost of the core functionality (for me anyway) :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding!