[Improvement] Is it possible to have the interface scroll while dragging a modulation source


Use case: I have the lower tray open (to view effects for example). I want to use the last modulator to modulate Oscillator 1 (or anything in the first two top rows). To view the bottom (4th) modulation source, I have to scroll the interface making the top two rows disappear. Now, if I drag that modulation source up to the top of the interface, it will not scroll up to allow me to see the top two rows. I have to close the effects tray, then drag the modulation circle from the sequencer to my destination.

Can the interface scroll upward when it detects my dragging the modulation source to the top of the window?

A minor workflow thing, but thought I’d ask in case it is easy to implement.

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@gnapier that’s one I can have a look at. I did a test and on OSX you can grab a modulation circle using one finger then use another two to scroll up/down the interface. Would be nice to have what you describe though, haven’t looked at it on the PC…