FL exporting .WAV issues

Hey everyone, for some reason when I export samples out of SubLab (in FL Studio) using the “sample” feature (right next to the Save/New buttons), the quality of the exported sample ends up being nothing close to what it sounds like in SubLab. Even when switching up the sample options in FL studio (Resample/Stretch/e3 generic/e3 mono/etc…) I still can’t get the 808 to sound as good as it does in SubLab. This is a problem since I’m try to sell 808 packs (.wav packs) and they don’t sound as good when they are out of sublab, and potential customers may or may not have the SubLab plugin. Is there any way to fix this?

I’ve tried using multiple export methods (exporting as a song using FL’s main export feature, exporting as sample in SubLab, recording sample in Edison, etc) and I cant seem to get the 808 sounding how it does in SubLab. The only time the 808 sounds somewhat close in the .wav format is when it’s the root note. Maybe because it’s the insane amount of distortion/width I’m putting on them but that’s what I bought this plugin for.

If anyone has any solutions I’d be super grateful, trying to drop this 808 pack soon in .WAV format so customers can use these 808’s without SubLab with same quality and playability (using midi keyboard)

Hey @BaronBeatStore,

Can you post a couple of sound examples?

Sure, here’s a link to a camtasia recording of me showing the problem. SubLab Issue with Exportin WAV (sounds shorter_not as good when pitched up).mp4 - Google Drive The problem is most clear the end of the video when im playing the note G (going back between SubLab and the exported .WAV SubLab file) As you can hear, the exported .WAV file sounds almost “shorter” and almost more bouncy/boingy compared to the original 808 in SubLab. This happens with almost every 808 I put out. The difference is subtle, but much more noticeable when changing the note of 808 post sublab .WAV export.

Please let me know if you need any more info

Let me do a similar test, the thing is that we’re sampling SubLab directly from its own output, which leads me to think that maybe there is a pitch shifting enabled in FL Studio, that to my ears it making it sound thinner.