Crashes&problems in Pro Tools

Hi Giacomo here, I am using Sub Lab (normal version), on a Mac OS Catalaina with Pro Tools 2020 12.0. When I am using Sub lab, when for example the session is playing, and I open the plug in window, I either get a “pro tools ran out of cpu power” , even the session is very light and other heavy cpu instruments works fine, or the session just crashes,
I got these problems form years ago when I bought the plug in, and I end up don’t using it, but now that I need again some 808’s, I would like to know if there is a workaround, instead of buy another plug-in or library, because I really liked the sound and the interface of Sub-lab, but is pretty unusable for me… tried to use it also in logic, but there the session just crashes

Hey Giacomo,

Could you try running this installer please? Reboot your mac once install is complete and let me know if there’s any change :pray: