Can't use without LAN

I can’t use Circle without the LAN port being on for the internet on my studio PC, ones the internet a 2nd LAN port for my NAS on a private separate network.

Please can anyone help? No response from support on this issue, I’ve been ignored.


Hi Skelmy,

Have you the latest Circle2 installed or are you using an old version?


HI Gavin,

I have the latest one installed that I was told to install, as before I had one from Plugin Boutique direct download from them, so I uninstalled that one, cleaned everything up with C Cleaner and rebooted, then installed the new one.
I was also told to do security permissions and allow the FAW folder which I did, but alas I can only use Circle 2 with the Ethernet port active.

Please can you help Gavin?


Any news on this? No one is able to help me?



I have the latest v2.2.1-RC2-PC installed. I haven’t been using it because I can’t it just stops working as soon as I turn off my internet Ethernet port on my studio PC, which I do as standard, have always done and will always do, I don’t have any Ethernet ports on when production, no firewall, no virus scanner and have everything to a minimum to save power as I rinse the heck out of an i7 with 64gb DDR4 ram as it is with all the new style modelling instruments and plugins, I soon use up the power.

Thanks for the help if you can.

Hey @Skelmy, let me check with the engineer here who does the activation system if there is a solution…

Hey Gavin any news on this? As Circle is just sat on my system unused after I’ve paid money for it?

Let me check with the engineer here Aymeric and see if there is a solution…

OK please let me know, as the customer support didn’t respond after a few questions about this from me.

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Hi Gavin,

Have you checked with the engineer yet?
As this has been weeks, the support didn’t respond to this other than get me to install the latest version?
Circle is just sat in my system unusable since the day I purchased it.


Hello again Gavin, please check with with the engineer asap, nowhere does it say you have to be connected to the internet all the time whilst using FAW products, and this has been going on months now.
I’ll be left with no other option but to demand a refund or go to trading standards.


Hi @skelmy,

Yes, we’re trying to figure it out here and have a ticket in the backlog.

What we can do is give you a full refund and then when we have it fixed we’ll send a beta. How does that sound?


Hi Gavin,

Yeah that sounds good, I’d definitely test the beta out for FAW


Nice one John and thanks for understanding and being patient. We’re working away here and getting around to everything.

@Julia can you help @skelmy with getting a refund on Circle2?


Hey Gavin,

I understand, it’s been months now, so I was getting a bit frustrated.
By all means I’ll test out any betas no problem, I look at to doing things like that from time to time as it helps out.


Hi John, could you send me a DM and let me know what email address you used to make your purchase? I’ll look up your order and issue a refund.

Hey Julia,

I’ll do that thanks

thanks again for the patience @skelmy!

No worries mate. I look forward to using the update when it’s ready Gav

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