Activation Server Down?

Is the activation server down right now? I cannot activate in standalone mode. Yes I am connected to the internet, and yes I disabled firewall, and yes I am using a legit paid version of FL studio 21. Thanks.

Can’t activate in standalone OR fl studio. Tried both.

Hi there,

What version of Circe do you have installed? It should show the version number on that activation page?

Also, what’s your OS and are you on an M1/2?

Let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


Windows. I don’t think I’m on an M1/2.

Circle version is the latest 2.2.1

This has become frustrating.

I am on M1 latest beta version of Circle and cannot activate it since 3-4 months ago

The fact that we are not able to activate this offline is becoming an nuisance. I am clearly connected to the internet. I have shut down my firewall. I have added a customized rule to ALLOW circle2 to use my connection at it’s fullest in the firewall as well. I have a legit copy of FL studio. I paid for this plugin and now, I cannot use it. I am extremely frustrated. Your system of requiring people to connect to the internet is flawed.

Hey @Savaikun,

Can you please try activating. The activation server was down, but it is now back up and functioning.

I totally get your frustration. We’re here on the forum to help best we can.


Thank you! It worked/fixed.

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Great news @Savaikun and glad you got it working!


Any news about activation of Circle Beta on native m1?