[RESOLVED] 'Invalid activation file' error

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@twolegstoneworks (PC)
@Lyann (Mac)
@Wurlt01 (Pc)

Correction. I’m on a Windows system (Windows 10, 64bit)

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same here. Windows 10, 64bit. Circle 2.0.1 is working properly

Can I confirm that everyone experiencing this error on Mac is using High Sierra OS?

Any word on activating on Windows 10 or do i have to wait for next beta. 2.01 works fine.

No, i’m having the same error and i am on Windows 10, x64

Hey guys, is this working for you now in beta 2?


Tested one pc good. will test second later and report back.

Hello Hugh,

Yes the activation code works now and I see the presets and the waves.

I will try more and I will tell you if I discover a bug.

Sincerely yours.


Both Pc’s Good. Looks like Fixed.

Thanks Anthony

P.s. Would love to see sample option. Would be great.


@Wurlt01 @Lyann Great that is fixed! I’m just going to mark this as resolved…