Avast false positive + standalone icon

I already reported this , but please note that in 2.1.1 RC5 Avast still blocks and delete the installer
Also the icon of the standalone version is still blank.


@residente, that is a funny one as I fixed the icon. Can you launch standalone, click the logo in the top left hand corner and let me know what version is showing?


@Gavin_FAW Hi Gavin it’s 2.1.1 RC5

Hey @Residente, can you ctrl-click on Circle2.app in your applications folder and then select “view package contents”

Do you see the icon file “circle program icon.icns”

Thanks for the help btw, really want to get to the bottom of this.

@Gavin_FAW I’m on Windonws does ctrl+click works?

Ah ok, that explains then, for some reason I thought you were on mac. @Hugh_FAW and myself will have a look. We’ve done a serious amount of changes in the past months, we’re almost there in terms of getting Circle bug free and upgraded for latest OS and hosts.

Which Windows OS are you on @Residente?

Strange about the icon, it’s fine on our side. Can you send a screenshot of the folder containing the standalone .exe?

Is the icon still missing if you whitelist the .exe in your antivirus?

Seems like the antivirus and icon problems are likely related as this hasn’t been mentioned elsewhere.

@hugh_faw I’m on Windows10. I checked into the standalone folder and no .ico file
BTW you are right I removed Circle, removed Avast, re-installed Circle and finally I have the icon for Circle standalone so as you said everything is related to Avast.

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Thanks for checking that out and confirming.

We’ll have a look into fixing the Avast warning, must be a certification needed in the app.

@hugh_faw no problem lad! The Avast issue is very annoying, the antivirus delete the exe file once downloaded. To have the file the only way is to disable Avast, and now the icon issue too. Not a major problem of course but it is very annoying.

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