"Best of Sublab" pack not showing any presets on MacOs

Take Two.

Installed Best of Sublab pack based on the included instructions. After import, a message popup says that the pack was successfully imported. In Sublab I can see the Best of Sublab category, but when I click on it, no presets/patches display. When I click on other categories they display patches. So the problem only occurs for Best of Sublab.

When I go to the /Library/Application Support/FAW/Sublab/Patches folder, I can see the Best of Sublab folder, which contains 12 patches with .arci extension and a bank.png file.

Is there a bug in the downloaded bank that doesn’t import the patches correctly?

I’ve tried uploading a screenshot but it fails due to a CORS error.

Hey @brian.tully,

What macOS are you running?

It seems like SubLab might not have permissions to read the imported preset files.

Can you set try setting /SubLab/Patches to read all / write all for your user…

  1. Select SubLab/Patches and the ctrl-click on the folder.
  2. When the menu appears, click “Get Info”
  3. Under “sharing and permission” set your account, should have (me) beside it to read/write
  4. Then click the small gear wheel and select “apply to enclosing items…” See image below for the window that contains the settings.

This should have repaired the permissions on the folder and allow you up open the presets. Also, try opening the new pack using the the standalone version in /Applications