Best of Sublab pack presets not showing in browser on Windows 10

Hi, Thanks for the Best of. I downloaded 1.16 sublab on both mac and pc.
Standalone version.
Best of Sublab presets install and load fine.
on Windows, they don’t show in the browser.

Do they work ok in VST plug-in on windows?

no… they are missing in Nuendo too.

Hey there, I experienced the same. I think this is due you already own expansion packs containing the same presets than those in the Best of Sublab. I have the impression that a preset filename can be registered just once in the preset database (db file generated by the app).
I own all the expansion packs so consequently i can not see anything in the Best pack.
Also, i checked this by renaming a preset file just adding an underscore in the name, resync the db in the sublab app and the preset displays in the Best pack :wink:
Anyway I wish you all a Merry Christmas !!!
Christophe aka Srik Ben

Interesting… Though they show up fine on the mac, where I also have all the packs.

The embedded db engine might be not the same on Mac side. i guess this is sql lite on windows. This can make the difference. So 2 different db engines means 2 different configuration to maintain. So potentially config gaps between the both sides

2+ weeks later any solution?

Just working on a new update @zvenx, will get back once we have the beta ready. Looking at next week when we send out the beta.


Great… Looking forward to it.

Hi guys, @ChristopheLambert is right - this is an issue for some folks who already have the additional expansion packs installed.

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