Accessing your activation codes on the new site

On of biggest issues with our previous site, both for us and everyone else, was lost Activation Codes.

With the new site, if you want to view your activation code, you just need to create a new account by registering, making sure to use the same email address that you entered when purchasing Circle.

We’ve put a small clip together showing how to do this below.

Register here:

We’ve also added help pages to our knowledge base, check it our here:

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Hi Gavin,
where do I find my Circle2 downloads?
I see my SubLab in My account/downloads and activation codes of both synths but only SubLab downloads are showing up…

Hi @Paul you can find your Circle² downloads here:


Hey Julia - I’m having something similar – trying to setup a new MacBook, followed the above directions but only have Sublab but not my Circle or Circle2 registration info?

Nevermind, I’m a dope: once signed in I see the Activation Codes. Forgive me.

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:laughing: no problem haha. Glad you’ve got your codes now!

Maybe a silly question, I received a Circle2 code from you after the Beta Testing, is it possible for you to put the activation code into my account? It would be cool…Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @Residente yes! I can put your Circle² code into your account - just send me an email with your activation code and the email you used to set up your FAW online account to

@Julia cool thanks, email sent :v: