4 Days waiting for response to reset my machine IDs

Can I get any update on this, I have multiple tracks waiting for the plugin to be up again.

Hey @DomTheChef,

Send me a pm with your email address and I’ll sort it out!

Thanks for the patience!

Ok had a chat to Julia and we have a backlog due to the site being offline for a good number of days last week. She’s bumping you the list to the top once we have your email @DomTheChef

Hey there, I am not sure why I am unable to find the mail icon to send a PM but for the life of me I can’t find it on your profile page. Could you shoot me a PM first and ill respond?

Case closed :white_check_mark:

For Posterity: Anyone else looking for a reset - please direct your messages to our Support Page . That’s the best way to reach me.