3 Machine ID's used up

Hi, I hope Julia is listening or monitoring the forum. My Id’s are used up. Had a drive crash and cannot re-auth until the ID’s are cleared. Emailed two days ago and no reset yet. Looks like an auto response email was received back in my inbox saying she would get to it. I don’t think Julia likes me. I need my sub lab back. Please clear my id’s!!!

Hey @koikane,

Julia was out of the office for a few days, we’re back on it :+1:

@Julia can you clear the slots if you haven’t already :slight_smile:


Having the same exact issue and have yet to receive a response despite emailing their support. All three of my Machine ID’s are activated.

Hey @EscoSeason,

Just hit up @Julia on support, she’ll help out asap.


Hey, all of my IDs are currently used up and i sent an email over about it. just waiting to hear back

Hello can you reset my Id’s please

Hey guys,

How are you all now? Do you still need the slots clears?