What is the best way to avoid kick retriggers

I really like using sublab, it really helps with getting my bass vocals into the mix. I especially like to layer a lead synth over the top with sidechain compression.

In the past I did this by sidechaining both a kick and a lead synth. This time I decided to use a sample in Sublab, but it is unexpectedly retriggering the kick when the lead synth plays. Kind of cool, I can see why you would want that, but not for this track. I started using two sublabs, one for the kick sample one for the sub then sidechaining the kick into the second sublab along with the lead synth.

Is that the recommended way to layer a kick, sub and bass synth? Is there a way to turn off retriggered kicks?


Have you tried turning on/off Legato?

You can access it via the bottom left hand corner by clicking on the keyboard “glide” icon: