[Update] 1.1.9 update thread (latest beta 1 macOS 32/64, M1 & Win release 30/6/22)

Hi SubLabers,
I confirm ’ 1. Fixed missing icon for standalone on Windows’ is definitely fixed.

I have noticed the following:

  • on Windows standalone version, the JUCE splash screen is displayed :smiley:
    see here → https://youtu.be/yx0EZbvhPVk
  • now I still get one case where I can experience some gliches in Ableton Live. It happens when the track is playing and I open the SubLab GUI. Anyway the glitch issue does no longer happen when I keep the plugin GUI closed.
    see here → https://youtu.be/9A2W5dDd5xg

Hope this helps :wink:

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The standalone icon is now displayed on my Windows desktop!


Keyboard midi trigger does not work at all now, because Sublab automatically closes when I press any key on my labtop keyboard.

:point_up_2: New installer links are at the top

I have the same problem

just installed the beta, it does not fix the clicks and pops. seriously what’s going on? everyother soft synth or sampler i’ve used doesn’t have this issue, its been years with no resolution.

@dallasrose…do you want to take an audio recording or do a video of the clicks and pops? Also can you let me know what OS you are running?


Mac OS Monterey 12.0.1. Yes I can make a recording, but I see a lot of complaints here, clearly there’s just something wrong with it, and has been for a long time.

Hey guys

Does 1.1.8 work with logic X in rosetta mode? Running macos 12.3 but some of my go to plugs don’t run natively yet.

I’m also ready for the era of pops and clicks to end :confused:

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any progress? i have to export a one shot out of sub lab and put it into some other sampler to use it. it’s totally insane please fix it

Hey @everyone,

We’ve uploaded a new beta that has a fix for the pops and clicks!

Check it out at the links at the topic of the post, which have all been updated.

Hey @dbmagic yes! Should work no problem.

Check out the beta we just posted (links are updated at the top). I think we’ve gotten to the bottom of the pops and clicks :pray:

Hey @dallasrose please try the installer links we just posted now - the updated links are at the top :point_up_2:

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just installed from the above link… twice (the intel mac installer). in logic, the AU shows as ‘1.1.4 (R418)’… not 1.1.8. is this the new beta, or…?

EDIT: please let me know what’s up! was happy to get this, but not sure if it’s actually the updated AU…)

I had the clicking issue when tested on FL studio with the latest install.
I changed the plugin to “Use fixed size buffers” and “Process maximum size buffers” to get it to behave.

It seemed to happen less often or less audibly in Ableton.

@rrahim What buffer size are you using in Ableton?

Also can you inform me of the version number you see when you click the top left hand corner “sublab” logo?

@fisherking we’re seeing quite often Logic will report the old version, du to the AU cache. I had the same problem yesterday here when testing but it went away when I restarted my computer. What version of macOS are you running?


Ok, I’ve test again here and it seems that Logic is maintaining a cache of the plug-in unless there is some oversight we’ve missed.

What we’ll do is in the next build set the macOS installer to force you to shut down Logic before allowing you to proceed. with the installation.

I’m on M1 now! :slight_smile: Just wanted to say the SubLab disk image installer art is awesome. Will report any new issues I hear…

am on monterey (the 12.5 beta). if this is the new beta, will check it out over the weekend, and report back if anything