[Update] 1.1.7 update thread (latest beta 2 macOS M1 & Win release 3/2/22)

Ok, we’ll update to 48 st :+1:

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Did you guys ever fix the error issue in MASCHINE!!!

Did you guys ever fix the error issue in MASCHINE!!!

We’re looking into it, please keep an eye on this beta testing thread here for updates.


@Ferro I’m glad we both see the value in +/- 48 semitones! Thank you @Gavin_FAW

This Mac link does not work for me, returns an “AccessDenied” message.

The Windows link works.

Also if this wasn’t fixed already, in the earlier beta, it appears the default pitchbend range is 13 semitones. I’d expect 12 semitones, with a way to save the global value.


We go to +24 semi-tones…somebody even asked for 48 semi-tones.

One thing, currently, it is saving per preset, but I will update now so that it uses a global value for the semitones.

@Gavin_FAW Thanks for clarifying that! I was one of those who asked for 48 too. :slight_smile:

In the majority of use cases, a full octave (or multiple of that) would be much more useful.

And yes, if someone has an MPE setup, they’d best be served with 48 semitones global.

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The latest beta does not break GUI size or FL sequencer on… thanks.

still hoping for a more global tranpose option though. (and of course the issue where Best of doesn’t show up on PC if you already have the presets from other banks)

Downloaded it for mac still have no sound coming from the plug-in! What do I do!

Thanks for the pitchbend stuff, but yeah 48 semitones please! It’s the default for the most popular MPE devices. Right now it’s half of this, so sliding an octave only audibly slides a tritone.

Thanks for your effort with this.

AAX on M1 pro still not showing up!!!
Please!!! :frowning:

Ok, let me have a look into it. It should be working fine on M1, but there might be something we have missed.

Firstly, what version of Protools are you running?

Also, what is your macOS version?


The icons in the start menu/taskbar are still broken.

M1 Pro Monterey 12.3
Pro tools 2021.12
not showing up still can’t find a way to fix it
shows up on MPC2 which uses vst but no AAX


Can you do a quick screen print of exactly what you are seeing and where the icons are missing?


now showing up at all on pro tools

Hello Gavin! I’ve send a PM :slight_smile:

Do you mean it not showing up at all?

yeah installed it but
won’t show up on my pro tools