SubLab XL crashes Maschine, Macros not working

Just bought SubLab XL and VERY disapointed, by the hour it crashed Maschine 15-20 times. Very unstable. How should I work?

MBP M1Pro, Ventura

Version: 1.0.4
Build Date: 10 Feb 2023 5:25:00pm
Format: AU
JUCE Version: JUCE v6.1.6

Operating System: Mac OSX 13.5.2
Device Manufacturer: Apple
Device Model: MacBookPro18,3
CPU Vendor:
CPU Model: Apple M1 Pro
CPU Cores (Physical): 10
CPU Cores (Logical): 10

OpenGL Version: 4.1 Metal - 83.1
OpenGL GLSL Version: 4.10
GPU Vendor: Apple
GPU Model: Apple M1 Pro
Machine ID: DJND6M52Y5

UPD. It crashes only when I load next sound not waiting til playing sound ends. I think it could be fixed as minor bug. If I wait 5-10 seconds before loading next sounds all good.

But still NKS Macro is not working, so I could not record saucy automations.