SUBLAB VST 2 not showing up in reaper

Hi all. I purchased SUBLAB a few months ago and the install went flawless. REAPER recognized both versions VST 2 and VST 3. I just recently downloaded the (latest?) version of SUBLAB and installed it just like I’ve installed so other many plugins before but this time REAPER won’t show the VST 2 version. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling SUBLAB. Did a full clear cache and rescan plugins in REAPER. Uninstalled and reinstalled REAPER. Reading on the web it seems it might be a problem with the installer. It’s so frustrating when I was just working on a song last night with the VST 2 version of SUBLAB which is the main version I’ve used in so many other projects. I’ve sent support an email but was hoping maybe anyone else has any ideas of what to do. Thanks