SubLab not working when reopening a project and exporting audio files in Cubase 11

I bought SubLab a while ago, and while the plugin in itself is great, I have had some big problems with it:

  1. When I reopen a project in Cubase 11 that has a SubLab track in it, SubLab will only play one very short bitcrushed sound and then remain completely silent, although the GUI animations suggest that it is still processing the MIDI input. I can only “fix” this problem by dublicating the track and deleting the original, which can be quite annoying.

  2. The same thing happens if I export .wav or .mp3 files. This is the gamebreaker for me, because the exported audio also has the issue of the single bitcrushed sound and then silence, so I basically can’t export any SubLab sound at all.

I run SubLab in Cubase 11 Pro on a Windows 10 PC with an AMD Ryzen processor.

I hope there is a way I can resolve these issues.

Hey @Meecrob91 ,

What version of sublab are you running?

I’ve sent you a beta version of 1.1.6 that should fix the issue. We’re releasing it in the coming days if everything appears ok.