Sublab compatibles to reason

I want to buy sublab 808 and circle but I don’t know if it will work with reasons. Does it work with reason.

Hey @1125, yes it does work with Reason. Can you let me know what version you are running and can confirm it.


I use Reason 10.4d4 and Sublab is not working, I have version 1.1.3 the sounds that it supposedly comes with are not there. I then purchased the bundle pack of sounds and get an error message and nobody from FAW will contact me back! Super Frustrated

Hey @MTBeats,

When did you send the message and did anyone get back yet?

If you send a message to with the title “MTBeats from the forum” we’ll hav a look.

Please make sure to send in your operating system and daw setup.


I am using Reason 10.4d4

I am using Windows 10 and Reason 10.4d4


Did you install sublab on a different disk other than ‘C:’