Reactivation request frustration

Wiped my hard drive 2 times and needed my serial reactivated since I used 3 activations… I sent an email yesterday with a screen shot of my serial and purchase. Saw a reply this morning and expected to see everything was reset. But I was then told to reply with a pasted activation code. I’m not trying to be difficult, but I’ve been waiting to use this for 2 days now & I don’t understand why I have to wait again in order to use a product I paid for especially since I posted all the info needed in my first support email. This is really frustrating. Not mad at the moderators or customer support. But FAW needs to get a system in place ASAP to keep downtime to 0%.

Hi Kris,

Sorry for the frustration! We know that this issue in particular is a pain point and are working on implementing a method for machines to be deactivate on the user-side.

Take care,