Protools with m1 mac / automation problem

Hello! everyone. I’m using protools with m1 macbook pro 2020.
Is there any way using automation with these?
Could you use automation? I’m new with DTM, SubLab too.
it seem I caused problem after I added automation thru Plug-In Automation window. after I added analog filter1: CUTOFF automation, I don’t know where it comes from but one everlasting note appear.

YES! I am having this exact issue very frustrating. Im on ableton with m1 2020 and runnig into the same issue. I get a random everlasting note that I cant stop except for messing with automation or restarting my DAW. Very frustrating.

Hey guys,

I haven’t see this issue before. Can you hang on while we look into it.

We will add this to the latest 1.1.7 beta version in the next build if we can find a fix.