[FR] True .db reading in 'tone' graph

Hi guys …

Feature request ( as discussed in another thread ) to have the view in the ‘tone’ graph reflect the true output reading in .db .

Right now the graph seems to only show what is going into the mixer no matter what levels are applied.

I can imagine this as being a 2nd optional view that can be switched by the user in the tone graph, which only gets activated once chosen to perhaps save on CPU cycles.

We should be able to choose in the chain where the view is, e.g pre_mixer, post_mixer, post_FX etc if possible.

//EDIT// Just noticed that if i pull the output volume slider down, then the graph does in fact show the waveform is reading correctly, but I guess having a way to see the actual .db ( decibel ) value for the frequency would still be nice, probably could be tied into my other feature request , or maybe having an xy grid overlay with values db on the y-axis and frequency on the x-xis, much like most equalisers have. thanks

//EDIT2// OK after much time spent learning that most stuff that I have been requesting is actually in the plugin already, I think this just leaves 1 thing ( unless I find that it’s there too lol ) and that is to have the .db peak reading at the point where I hover my mouse , which shows me the frequecny in the graph. i.e the level in decibels at the exact frequency point. I guess it could be the sum of all 3 inputs ( sub, kick & sample ) and maybe even what each separate input is doing if this makes sense.

Maybe this would just be as easily done with adding an equaliser to the channel in my DAW, but would be useful for anyone sculpting presets in the standalone version.