SubLab is here!

SubLab is here, our new class of synth designed for 808 style sub-bass popular in hip-hop, future bass and trap genres.

Check out Sublab here :point_right:

Also more on the newly invented X-Sub oscillator:


Vimeo links are broken at the moment

Congrats on the release, this beauty is long-anticipated and looks awesome!

Might just be me but the video links don’t seem to work, I keep getting an error message.

@MrVision Yeah, seems that our forum is not playing nice with Vimeo right now…but def check out the SubLab page for a look, everything is fine on there :slight_smile:

Oh and we’re releasing a free plug-in with just the X-Sub oscillator very soon. Workflow is that you duplicate the midi track from you main bassline and put X-Sub on the new track as an instrument.
You then get X-Sub playing along underneath, taking care of everything in sub-bass range :wink:


@Gavin_FAW On it, thanks for the heads up Gavin.

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Nice Gavin ! very great idea…

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Guys, let me say that you dropped a monster, SubLab is literally UNREAL! Cant’ stop using it, 10 minutes to understand how it wirks and then just pure joy…


Very happy to hear that, have fun!


Superb! Congratulations guys!


EDIT:- Just seen I am not the first to request for mute. Thread “LFO addition at some point ? and some feedback” also mentions this. Glad you are looking into it.:smile:

Bought SubLab and am loving it.:+1: Great GUI and quite a wide variety of sounds can be produced with this thing! I have spent the last hour tweaking SubLab and finding out how all the controls work and affect the sound. I really like the way that all the components interact and that by tweaking, for example, the filter, you can then suddenly come up with an new inspiring sound. I think this is due to the way that SubLab is designed with the Synth and Sampler sections having quite flexible filter and distortion routing.

The only thing I am wanting at the moment is a mute button for each one of the synth/sampler/x-sub sections. I have found that I am often turning the volume of two sound sources (either synth/sampler/x-sub) to minimum so that I can hear what just one particular sound source sounds like. Having a mute toggle for each of the 3 sound sources will allow quick and easy demoing of just one of these sound sources without having to adjust volume controls. Perhaps the symbols for these in the mixer section could be made clickable to toggle mute on/off?


Hey @hesnotthemessiah

Glad you like SubLab, the release is only the first step on the road, we’re looking forward to getting feedback and implementing what people want.

On the mute, you’re not the first and this is the number one feature on the list for the next update. Will be starting the update very soon and shouldn’t be too hard implement.

Thanks again and great to have you on the forum.


Nice : solo the 3 voices is a very nice update. The more i experiment and sound design with SubLab the more i have one thing in mind. it’s perfect for 808 SubBass and all derivative from the Synth design. So for the next updates and make SubLab even better. i would put on hold (because it’s already perfect) 808 sub and bass kind of patches/design and i would focus on movement for Sub Bass kind of patches/design and :
wondering what’s missing to accomplish over style of SubBass.

(For me it would be Reese Sub so voices, unison and maybe more modulation nodes on envelopes, LFO would be awesome)

but i think i already listed, whishlist going that way here :slight_smile: LFO addition at some point ? and some feedback

:slight_smile: When the free plug-in with just the X-Sub oscillator ? i mean what’s very soon : this month - this summer - later ? thanks can’t wait to try that

We’ve a good bit on the plate here @TeKiNovah so hard to give a hard date for X-Sub plug-in, but once we have something to test it will appear here for beta checking :slight_smile: