Sample metadata issue and sound designer suggestions

Version: 1.0.4 [Beta 3]
Build Date: 10 Feb 2023 9:35:00pm
Format: VST3
JUCE Version: JUCE v6.1.6
Operating System: Windows 10
Daw: FL21.1.1 [Build 3750]

the sample metadata window mentions a feature to “add sample to factory bank” but this function does not exist.
also would like to see the ability to add custom tags so that way I can group all of my samples in their own bank when/if I release my xl-subpack.

sidenote: importing images for custom subpacks is broken as well. It only asks for one image and the one icon it converts is not used.
User has to add them manually and must look at other packs to both get correct dimensions and to see the required filenames for these icons to show.
Sublab XL sound design