REAPER - Compatability?

Are there still issues with Circle on Reaper, & if so what are they ?

Hey @Mike,

We haven’t had any support requests come in about Reaper in the past couple of months, however there could be issues.

We’re releasing a new beta later on today, the link will be live here in the forum. If you can give it a test we’d be delighted to try and solve anything that shows up.


Hi. When you say “however there could be issues” what are they & why ?

I won’t be installing for a while until i get my new PC, plus i’ll be moving. I just wanted a heads up to any issues beforehand.



@Mike, there could be issues, we do test in Reaper but only run through a basic check list. Host specific edge cases are usually found when we release a beta when people start testing and we haven’t heard of anything.

Keep me filled in on how it goes with the new PC and if you do find an issue, we’ll be around to help.