Is cutomer care working?

I am trying to get answer from customer care but they just will not answer. Anyone else having this problem and how have you contacted the company ?

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Same here, I’m guessing the Devs are just busy working on something ( hopefully including my license registration bug in SubLabXL ).

1 of the Devs is on here quite often @Gavin_FAW , so hopefully we hear from them soon.

How long have you been waiting for customer care? Is your normal Sublab plugin working well? Mine clips like crazy and before it did not…I have installed and reinstalled it many times including the Beta versions.

Hi @sorg111 , I’ts only been 2/3 days since I 1st contacted support, so I’m not too worried at the moment. No I’m new to SublabXL so can’t comment on the OG SubLab plugin. My problem is a whole other kettle of fish, I’m trying to get the plugin running on Linux through wine, but it keeps crashing when I try to Register the plugin.

Funnily enough on my quest to get some answers elsewhere on the Webz, I stubled upon a cracked version of SubLabXL ( yes that’s right it has been cracked already, I think a few days after release ) and it actually works amazingly perfectly on my Linux box in Reaper, so I know for sure that the License registration is the only thing holding me back.

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Hey there…sorry to hear about your problem. Actually 2/3 is a lot if we are speaking business days since they promise to get back within 48 hrs… I have tried contacting them everywhere…good to note that Gavin is supposed to be the founder. Hope your experience is better than mine…and how is the sound on the XL do you get any undesired clipping?



I guess it was over the weekend I think I bought the License late Friday night/ early Saturday morning ( UK Time ),

Yeah I read through all the articles and its quite impressive that a small indie company have created SubLab and Circle2 ( which I will buy as it too runs beautifully on Linux OS ).

No I haven’t noticed any clipping, the plugin seems to be consistent for me, though it may be something that I just haven’t stumbled upon yet. Do you have a specific method to recreate the clipping or is it just random ?

The only Issue that I have noticed ( which I will report ) is that the sample record function ( i.e when I drag the sample onto the timeline on my DAW ) has a delay of around 256 samples. I guess the Devs need to look at a way of finding this empty silence after recording and trim it off.

Actually it just happens, some samples actually have worse clipping than others…and no matter how much I try to edit within the program nothing changes. The only half fix I found is adding Eq and Compression externally but that just kills the mids of the 808.

hmm, is it the transient of the kick that is clipping mostly or is it some kind of fluctuation in the synth engine causing the issue ( I’ll have to watch a few videos on OG SubLab to get familiar with it here ) ?
If you can render/bounce out a small clip where it happens and have a look at the waveform might show this better.

If you happen to use Reaper it has some great analysis tools, that show every kind of metered output that you can think of on your rendered song/sample.

…A good way to usually tell if there is something strange going on with a plugin is to do a few similar renders, then line 2 of them up in the timeline of your DAW and flip the polarity of just 1 of the samples, if all is good you should have silence, but if you hear any sound you are getting some phase cancellation or artifacts. This will show that the output is not consistent.

Even if you are using some modulation in the plugin and/or the FX, unless it is set to free rolling then the results should still be the same.

/Ahhh I have found a misbehaving preset or 2. For example ‘Grunge Monster’ shows that it doesn’t clip inside SubLabXL, but Reaper is showing that it does. I also noticed that a few of the presets are going in too hot./

//Edit False positive ‘Grunge Monster’ actually outputs at 0.0db so Reaper will naturally show that as clipping. I also have a few higher notes slides and fast notes too in my test loops and when I put the output gain on SubLabFX to -0.1db Reaper shows that it never goes louder than this, so I’m no further forward in helping you to troubleshoot this so far @sorg111

Hey Miko thanks just the same! did customer care get to you ? I am still waiting!

Although 1 of the developers was on here today and answered my question about registration on my windows emulation ( wine ), I have not heard anything from customer support about updating my account to include my serials. Reading through the rest of the posts on the forum it looks like a lot of guys are starting to get impatient with the customer service at the moment.

Regarding the clipping , I have noticed some strange behavior going on, there is definitely something irregular going on with the final output levels, I will do a few more tests to see if I can eliminate the culprit. This is on the cracked version that I’m using for now until I can get my registration woes sorted out, but I think there has been no changes in the engine since this version.

Hey @sorg111

What is the name of the sample that is clipping? Also is there a specific preset you are having issues with?

Hey @Mikobuntu could you please DM me your email address? I’ll look up your ticket here.

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Most of them are clipping ex 808 Nascar, 808 sig 2 clips, while the 1 is not always clipping, impossible to mention all, as the majority clip.

@Julia thanks, DM sent :slight_smile:

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Did you get a reply since then Miko ? I Havent heard anything

@sorg111 Yes I got a direct reply and my License was updated on the official site. I’ll bump this thread up by tagging @Julia & @Gavin_FAW , hopefully they will respond to you soon.


What a disgrace from this company, getting away with another rug pull. Why do you now answer @Julia & @Gavin_FAW ???