How to connect from interface to pedal back to interface to my DAW(ableton)?

My interface is behringer umc204 hd , how do i connect this to guitar pedal ?
i mean it has 4 playback outputs (1/2 and 3/4 ) and monitors outputs for studio monitors , can you explain the routing ?

Hey @berjerk

Did you check the blog post on hooking up effects pedals?

I think your inputs should show up fine in Ableton.


yeah , my question is to where do i plug the output of interface ( playback outputs or inserts )?? , because my monitors outputs occupied by studio monitors , so i have 2 inserts and 4 playback outputs ( A1/2 AND B 3/4 ) …?

Ok, so you are using your main outputs a monitor outs and you have none left?

yeah , i have 4 playback outputs and 2 inserts left