Free Circle² logo stickers!

By way of a small thank you for all the great work helping shake out the bugs in Circle², we have 50 high quality stickers to give away. To get one sent over, just pm me your name and address we’ll arrange to have them sent :slight_smile:



Amazing, message sent!

Can’t send pm. Not sure why… Any suggestions?

@christopher, just send a mail through to and we’ll get them over.

Can’t send pm either, I’ll email as above. Cheers

To PM Gavin, I had to first log in, then clicked on his name/icon at the head of this post.
Fun Stickers!

Ah ok guys, if your having issues just send through the email to Julia and she’ll send out the stickers :slight_smile:

Keep the addresses coming! Send them over to

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THXalot for the sticker :yum:

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received! I love it, thanks guys!

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@Residente nice one!

hi gavin have you still got any stickers left could I have 1 please?thanks

@djwaxxy sure thing, just send me a pm with your address :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: im buzzin you’ve added nks support one of the best vsts out there just got better


gavin weres the buton to send you a pm?i cant see any link to pm you …

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Hey! @djwaxxy Go ahead and send me an email at we’ll mail you some stickers :slight_smile:

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