Calling all beta testers!


Happy to beta test! Mac OS 10 and ableton


I would love to beta test, Mac and Windows… Maschine, MPC, Ableton, FLStudio, Studio One


I would love to test on osx, ableton


I’ll happily help with beta testing. macOS 10.13 and Logic Pro X


yes, I’d like to beta test, I have Studio One & FL, Win 10


Count me in - I love Circle


Hi! Would like to beta test. MacOS High Sierra (10.13)


Hi! I can test on windows 10!


Hello I would like to help you guys out with Beta testing. I’m using windows 10 with 4k resolution. Curious how that goes.
Primarly working with cubase 9 and ableton 9.


I can test. Windows 10 64BIT. DAW is ReaperV5.52

Edit: Can also test in Cubase 9


Would love to test the new beta on my Mac El Capitan and Logic Pro X.


I would love to beta test. Reaper , Win 10.


I can beta test with windows 10


I’d love to beta test! Mac Sierra, Ableton 9 and Logic Pro X


Windows 8.1 here, with Reaper and Ableton 9.7.


Some nice variety of setups guys!

We’ll go through all your posts and you’ll receive an invite to join the @CircleBetaTesters group, once it comes in just accept and you’ll be able to see the beta forum.


Would love to Beta test too !
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello, I would enjoy helping you improve upon your new iteration of Circle. I am currently on Win8 and as a DAW have been working in FL Studio.


I will be delighted to test 2.1 on OSX 10.12.6, macbook retina 2015.

I can test it in Reaper 5.50 64bit, Ableton Live 9 64bit and Bitwig 2.2.

Many thanks in advance and warm regards.


Ready 2 test! OSX El Capitan, Ableton Live 9.7.4 & Push2