Bought circle 2 boxed version via reseller; 'serial in use'


i have bought a boxed version of circle 2, via a reseller. more people did, because i mentioned this on a local forum. it was a great deal.

we all know ‘suffer’ from the same problem; ‘serial in use’.

perhaps the boxed versions, were bought by the reseller many years ago, and they decided, to sell them now for less…

even if it is a discounted version, it are still legitimite (or the reseller has made a big mistake, but it is very legit reseller, not an unknown, bought things there for years) copies.

nice to have the boxed version… but ‘serial in use’, makes the box, a sorrow site…

i already contacted support about this, with all the info needed, i think.

no reaction.

and solved. thanks! (and for others!)