[Archieve Beta Links] Circle 2.1.3 RC9 - NKS, DAW timeline sync, Font improvements


Giving it a go this weekend will let you know how it goes, Thanks!


All good with the last release, I’m still having an issue with Avast, when I installed it Avast basically prompted: you discovered a rare file, do you agree to send it to Avast labs? :open_mouth:
Of course installation was denied, only way to install is disable Avast.


@Residente, yes, for sure we need to solve the problem with Avast. I think it might be to do with the fact that we distribute the installer as an .exe, but I’ll have to look into it more to make sure. That would be a quick easy fix for sure!


Thanks @Gavin_FAW, I know it’s not a major issue but can be frustrating for a new user.


@Residente, we’re redoing the FAW site right now and have this on the todo list, agree 100% that it is not great and could be blocking people from downloading the demo.