Activation fix, beta for macOS & PC

We’ve released a beta with a fix for activation issues that were happening for people with two ‘.’ in their email addresses. Some other characters were also causing problems. Please find the links below and download the installer if you were having this issue.

Windows Download Here :point_left:
macOS Download Here :point_left:

On macOS Monterey there are reports that XL is not activating, we’re looking into this now.

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Fix is working for me - thanks.

Great, thanks Andrew and glad that your up and running with XL!

But in Ventura (Beta) can not click on launch and running. Because Circle 2 can activating and running in Ventura (Beta). Its not the same Procedure? In next Time Ventura is Final.
Can not running Sublab XL? Its not the Error on Framework. ???

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We’re going to have a look into Ventura as soon as possible. Circle2 and XL are not comparable as they both use two totally different systems for activation. My feeling is that Apple have introduced some new permissions that XL will need to work around.

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Can confirm unable to activate on Ventura Beta. Hope this can be fixed soon was really enjoying the plugin before I updated.


Some problem here in Ventura.

When I click Launch nothing happens.

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Same here bro. And I’m majorly PISSED OFF about. I feel ROBBED, BETRAYED, CONED! I’m on Win 8.1, I5 processor with open GL 2.0 graphics the whole shebang & the NEW UPDATE “Sublab XL” will NOT WORK. Will not allow me to login to my account without CRASHING! It’s been what, 2 weeks and I’ve heard NOTHING back from support asides from the BASIC customer report reply with no definitive answers on HOW to solve the Issue. Nor If they are working on the FIX to the problem smfh!

Well they don’t have to worry about me NEVER SPENDING another red cent with them just bkz of the principle’s I stand by when dealing with “Digital” online purchases bkz you can’t DEMAN, & or FORCE them to RESPECT YOUR $$$$, & purchase as I could had I bought a product from a PHYSICAL store. I would have been went down to the store and raised HELL at my $$$$$$$ being TAKEN for a BROKEN GD product. One that USE TO WORK FINE BEFORE THE UPDATE ironically!! What use Is making a so called “Improved” update on a product when the update makes the product USELESS, not work etc. I am T totally PISSED TF OFFF BRO!! And you can’t get NO DIRECT ANSWERS from these CLOWNS.

I have been MORE than AMICABLY PATIENT. Now I’m ANGRY!!! Since I can’t BEATY THEM UP, & make them RESPECT my $$$$$$$ they TOOK already fr a BAD PRODUCT, I will consciously choose NOT TO SPEND one more cent let alone a dollar with them just based on the fact that THEY DON’T GIVE A **** about their customers PRODUCT WORKING CORRECTLY as PROMISED In the advertisement. I HATE online shopping, & purchases I swear to GOD I do bkz If I could PHYSICALLY TALK TO, deal with them they WOULD RESPECT ME/MY HARD EARNED $$$$$$$. Bkz I will go to JAIL over my respect & $$$$$$!!


We’re working on a fix. Unfortunately something is wrong which means it doesn’t work on your system and we apologise for this.

Can you walk me through what exactly is up.

  1. Did you install it on an external hard disk?
  2. Is the standalone crashing or is it a plugin and inside what DAW?

Thanks for the patience. We’re also not happy when a customer is not happy. But you’re in the right place here on the forum as we can get into the technical aspects in more detail.


On news here…Ventura Beta 7 and Sublab XL newest is not working at this time.
I hope to repair this issue at the Time to Final Ventura. Only Montery Sublab XL works for me with activation. I wait for Repair the Issue…

Thanks for the info @Erdenwind, we’ll have a fix pretty soon for Ventura, we’re looking at early October :+1:


Hey, any update on the fix? I’ve on Ventura (M1) and having the same issue. Can’t click “launch” after logging in.

Hey @Ceej

Have you tried the beta here:

sublab won’t activate on my MacBook Ventura 13.4

We’re looking into it right now, hang on and we check what is up.

Thanks for your patience!