Calling all beta testers!


I could Beta Test it for Windows 8.1 OS


Ahhh, I thought requesting to be a tester would be enough. I’d love to test for Mac OS 10.11.6


Hello, I’d be happy to help test it on Windows XP 32bit if that’s still going to be supported. I use Reaper, FL Studio 12 and Mulab free.


Would more be happy to join and test the latest version with macOS Sierra en High Sierra. DAW: Ableton 9.7 and soon Ableton 10 Beta


Hi guys, I’d like to be beta tester 2.1 … :slight_smile:

MacBookPro/HighSierra/16GB/i5/2,5GHz/ProTools 12.8.2/Logic Pro X 10.3.2 …

See ya



Hey guys,

We’ve been busy getting a release candidate together, should be ready for release in the next day or so…