Calling all beta testers!


@circlebetatesters I would like to beta test. thank you.


yes please

roel funcken/ funckarma

protools 12 mac os sierra


Here for the support and can test on Win 10 laptop


Agent Zero Music is down to be a beta tester! I am an electronic music producer from Philadelphia. Went to school for music production. I teach private ableton lessons at my home studio and play a lot of shows with my music projects. Recent shows include support for Infected Mushroom & STS9. My website is


win 7 (64bit) and win 10 (64bit), I’m in. :slight_smile:


and osx, too, if needed.


I’m up — macOS 10.13 and Windows 10. Ableton 9.7.3, Logic Pro X 10.3.2, Reason 10 beta, Max 7.3.4, NI Komplete 11, Waves, other plugins, etc.


Thanks for the chance to beta test Circle! I would be able to test on Mac in Cubase 9. Also a stand alone version on Windows 10. :slight_smile:


I would like to be a beta tester for Sierra 10.12.6 and Ableton 9.7.4. I can also try Bitwig 2.2


I’d love to be a beta tester!
I’m on Mac for Cubase 9, PT, Logic .



I would love to be a beta tester,
When it comes to soft synths…I have a ton of them, but to be honest I only use a few of them in most of my work.
I see this as an opportunity to discover a new one.

Mac Pro (mid 2010)
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
Logic X 10.3.2


Would indeed like to be part of this group. I’ve been working with soft synths for nearly 20 years— and have beta-tested many… I hold CS in high regard and would like to be part of the “input team”/sounding board.

Logic X

Look forward to working with you all!


Happy to Beta Test, Logic Pro X on Sierra and High Sierra on multiple machines with different configurations.


I can beta test on Linux Bitwig :grin:
On reaper Windows if you really don’t want to make a Linux vst build :frowning:


Hiu! Thank you for accepting me in the community!

I would like to become a beta tester for Circle on MaxOSX Sierra and High Sierra, with Ableton Live 9 and Logic Pro X.


i wana join beta test


I can beta test on Windows 10 64bit Using Samplitude x3 (granted not really a DAW usually associated with the electroic genre) Sounds like fun and I’d love to help.
-Thanks @CircleBetaTesters


@CircleBetaTesters I received an email requesting I test your product. Sounds like fun let me know how I can help. i have Windows 10 and ableton live suite. @Hugh_FAW


High Sierra is much needed Martino!


Yup, remember from back in circle v1 days @rsmus7