[Update] SubLab XL 1.0.1 NKS and Velocity (latest beta macOS)


Just uploaded a macOS beta of version 1.0.1

We’ve included a setting for velocity, which is a global setting and turned on by default.

If you want to install and test out the new velocity setting, then download the build at the link below!

  • This version has NKS implement on both macOS and Windows.
  • Velocity is now working, to turn on/off navigate to settings panel and hit the switch as shown below.

:point_right: SubLab XL macOS 1.0.1 Beta 3

:point_right: SubLab XL Windows 1.0.1 Beta 3

Thanks for the help as always,


Thanks for the update @Gavin_FAW , confirmed velocity is working nicely on Windows 11 running Fl_Studio and Reaper.

1 thing that I do notice tho, is that the velocity is not reflected in the ‘tone’ graph. I did a simple test comparing notes with full/default velocity and minimum velocity and the waveform is identical.

//I’ve just noticed that the tone graph seems to be based on the input before any levels or FX get applied, maybe this is by design ? Should the tone graph also show the true .db reading for this or is the .db level meter ( top right of the tone window )that gives us the maximum value already enough to work with ?

I’ll maybe put in a feature request , I also have 1 more FR that might be related and very useful to the end user

// Ok Sorry , I noticed that if i pull the volume down on the slider it is reflected correctly, but see my feature requests please.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What about the issues with the original Sublab ?

Thank you for the update!

After some light testing: when note velocity is enabled it seems to introduce a clicking artifact on some presets (for example Ransom in Hits DNA Vol 3). Turning off note velocity removes the clicking.
The same preset in Sublab (not XL) does not have the clicking noise. You might already be aware of it, but though it might be worth mentioning… :slight_smile:


i wanted to report that i WAS able to sign into sublab XL (with this new version) on ventura! so, will (finally) check out the plugin later today. good news tho!

EDIT: or not. there are NO sounds (packs or presets) showing, and there is no sound… plus i have to sign in every time i open XL. ah, well, back to the original sublab…


Hey guys, just uploaded a new beta of 1.0.1, this one has NKS implemented.

SubLab doesn’t show inside of Komplete Kontrol Gavin!