[Update] 1.1.6 update thread (latest beta 2 macOS)


This is the thread for beta version 1.1.6 of SubLab. I’ve put a list together of the bugs and issues along with how we are getting on.

Bugs and Issues:

  1. Crashing in FL Studio (Done, needs testing)
    Did extensive testing on macOS and PC and found a bug. If a preset has a missing sample then the plugin with crash. We’ve fixed this in the latest beta build.

  2. M1 Native Support (Done, needs testing)
    We’ve built an M1 native version of SubLab. The native M1 installer will work on both 64bit and M1 macs, but not on a 32 bit processor. The regular installer will work on both 64bit and 32bit macs.

  3. Fix missing assignment of “Attack” parameter in Maschine. ( Need to verify if in fact we left out attack on purpose). (Done)
    We left out attack on this as it was not relevant to the preset.

  1. Verify that phase reset setting is working correctly (Done)
    When enabled, the phase is reset when the voice has finished. The phase won’t reset if SubLab is still playing. This prevents clicks and pops in the sound.

  2. Release Windows version of beta (Done)

  3. Sampler crackling in FL Studio on Windows and MacOS. (Done)
    Fixed in the lastest macOS and Windows beta. Please check and if your still having the issue, let us know below.

That’s it for the moment, we’ll be adding more items to the list and updating the status as we get through them.

Thanks as always for the support!!