SubLab Update Roadmap

Hey everyone,

Just putting down a road map so people can see what is coming in the next update. We’ll be taking features and bugs from the other threads and then organizing them here into updates.

Whats Scheduled For Update 1.1.1

  • Allow importing of NKS sound packs.
  • Fix issue where SubLab needs to be activated multiple times. This is happening to some windows users when they activate using a removable network card.
  • Update default preset so that legato is turned on by default.
  • Investigate and resolve issue where some users are having envelope clicks when reset phase is enabled.
  • Add resolution setting for the spectrogram, which will reduce down the amount of painting the graphics card needs to do.
  • Add “sample import” button to sample menu, as an alternative to drag and drop of samples.

What’s Scheduled For Update 1.1.2

  • Export/Render out sample from SubLab
  • Add setting so that the sampler can bypass the main envelope volume envelope.
  • Investigate and fix “delayed playback”
  • Add user setting for voice reset phase behavior on all new notes, independent of the state of the voice.
  • Sample Zoom
  • Add setting so that SubLab can use 432Hz instead of 440 Hz as its base tuning. ( Global tuning)
  • Allow sample tuning when key follow is off


  • Velocity Sensitivity
  • Add LFO
  • Bitcrusher / Different Filter Models / Extra Effects
  • Macros similar to NKS mappings.
  • Fix Protools 11 note off bug or add a “panic” button.
  • Add favoriting to the sample menu.
  • Add “Recent…” to the sample menu.
  • Add glide setting so that you can glide regardless of whether or not notes are overlapping.
  • Download an update internally from SubLab.