SubLab Update Roadmap

Hey everyone,

Just putting down a road map so people can see what is coming in the next update. We’ll be taking features and bugs from the other threads and then organizing them here into updates.

What’s Scheduled For Update 1.1.3 ( Hot fix release )

  • Add “Clear All Notes” to note setting menu, this will clear any stuck notes (potential bug in Pro Tools)
  • Fix NKS on Windows.
  • Fix reported crash when recording sample of SubLab in Logic while in loop playback mode.
  • Verify sampler phase reset.
  • Fix midi note mode in Logic Studio.
  • Fix installer so it works with Catalina.
  • Fix Cubase crash when enable/disabling the plugin.

What’s Scheduled For Update 1.1.4

  • Add setting so that the sampler can bypass the main envelope volume envelope.
  • Add range control of pitch bend amount.
  • Download an update internally from SubLab.


  • Add LFO
  • Bitcrusher / Different Filter Models / Extra Effects
  • Macros similar to NKS mappings.
  • Add favoriting to the sample menu.
  • Add “Recent…” to the sample menu.
  • Add “Import Folder” to the sample menu.
  • Add glide setting so that you can glide regardless of whether or not notes are overlapping.
  • Stereo sampler setting.