Sublab Crashing In Pro Tools 12.8

Hello, I recently updated sublab since the previous version had a few bugs (sustaining notes) so I had hoped this version would have fixed that as it is a minor annoyance but I can work around it. However with the new update it is unfortunately borderline unusable. The notes still have the sustain problem but now it also crashes if I adjust the sampler at times, and almost every time now when I open the plugin it glitches out the whole session (making it sound like a CPU overload even though it isn’t) the only work around I have found so far is adjusting the sample rate and then I have to be extra cautious to even open the plugin where it will do the same thing again. It is very frustrating since I really enjoy this plugin and your company and it is a common plugin in my workflow. Thank you.
The specs I have is: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6