[ maybe Gavin DELETE THAT as i put in feature request thread ]

I would like to know if an LFO addition is possible ? that’s the only thing i miss…
on filter or volume : sub bass is also movement and vibrato alike are great.

Apart from that i would say it’s the perfect module for Bass, i like every idea on it. 808 Bass and all derivative even the most craziest are possible with SubLab. I miss also from the library more partials or layers different than Kick layers.

But of course, Sample player is there to invite you to load your own materials (Maybe a multi-sample loading capabilities ? rather to one sample)

A phase alignement tool but you can deal with phase with start, end, xfade, delay…

In the mixer section cmd + clic or something like that on synth - sample - xsub to solo rather than faders would be nice

Don’t know what unison would give as well. it’s usually great to give sub density… (to high values a chorus alike)

It’s all about SubBass for SubLab or more ? because finally i found SubLab very great for SubBass and Bass, but if it’s Sub and Bass department then there’s room for making SubLab even better at it. Cost : it would be more complicated probably. (especially with an LFO, but i will see it as another envelope and another color with simple destination… to give SubLab a bit more movement. Reese movement alike)

That’s it for me.
Now i will extensively use it as my gotogo SUB and Reinforcement.

PS : I also try to use it as an effect, so an Effect to pass audio through would be nice. And real Sidechain input instead to use sample section maybe. Can’t wait to learn more with the upcoming sound packs (i see graphic design of them so probably coming soon in the shop… Can’t wait !)


Hey @TeKiNovah

Thanks for the detailed feedback, this is exactly the information we need.

Soloing of the mixer is a big request for sure and we’re going to implement this in the next update.

SubLab will definitely evolve, keep the suggestions coming. On making it more complex, we could always just implement a macro page like some kontakt libraries such as Heavyocity etc and this would give us two modes: more technical sound design and then the simpler performance mode, with the macros changing the most powerful parameters.



I miss a Gain Reduction meter in the Compressor section :smile:
or a visual feedback

A Zoom capability in the sample section to precise adjustments :wink:

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[ maybe @Gavin_FAW Gavin DELETE THAT as i put in feature request thread ]