[Latest Beta] SubLab 1.1.0 (build date 18/6/19)

Hey everyone,

We’ve a beta of 1.1.0 ready for testing. The main changes are as follows…

Changelog since 1.0.0

  • Ability to turn off openGL support which fixes issues with some onboard Intel graphics cards.

  • NKS support on macOS and Windows

  • Added “reset phase on new note” settings. This allows you to turn on/off resetting of the phase of the oscillators and xSub when ever a new note is played.

  • The icons on the mixer now allow you to mute on/off the relevant mixer channel.

  • VST3 on Windows is now installing correctly.

  • Sometimes the activation code was not being accepted when pasted from the website. We’ve fixed this.

  • You can now import/export sound packs easily. See tutorial here on how it works.

Anyone who wants to beta test, just send me a mail (gavin.burke@futureaudioworkshop.com) or private message and I’ll forward on the download links. If sending a mail, make sure to use the same email address as your FAW account.

Thanks again and looking forward to getting this version checked and out!



Good news, Email sent!

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Check your inbox Andy!

tested, no more installation issues everything smooth, regarding mute/unmute it would be cool if I turn off a channel from the mixer the name of the engine would be grey as well…(see pic)
Just saying…nothing relevant :grinning:

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@Residente the thought did occur to us, but in the end we took a cue from Ableton when you mute a channel. The level indicators grey out, but the channel and plug-in all still stay the same colour.

Thanks as always for taking a look, much appreciated :+1:


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Hi, asked for beta access 11 days ago, didn’t get any response (filled out the form)…
maybe it will be released shorty?

Hey @digi

We’re waiting for help from the iLok people before we can release this beta, it was the 4th of July holiday weekend in the US, so hopefully they will get back to us today/tomorrow. Once we are back up and running with iLok we’ll release the beta. It is good to go here already.


Hi @Gavin_FAW will you go on iLok?

@Residente nope def not after spending time on KVR :wink: What we need iLok for is that in order to do AAX version, we need to run a couple of commands that are talk to our company iLok. We’re bascially signing the AAX and saying that it is verified from Future Audio Workshop and to confirm this, it talks to our iLok to make sure we are FAW.

Ok that’s clear, thanks for your explanation :wink:

We’ve also added the ability to import/export sound packs easily. The idea is to kick start people sound designing and sharing/selling their own packs for SubLab.

We’ve put together a short article on how to export a pack here: https://support.futureaudioworkshop.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026365154

Good one, love this kind of thing! :blush:

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PM sent for get 1.1.0
Thanks @Gavin_FAW

Thx for the 1.1.0 beta.
I´m one of the guys having problems with activation.
The issue is already there.
… perhaps the iLok peeps brought the sh!t to the code?