[Lasted Build] SubLab 1.1.2 (build date 18/10/19)

Hey everyone,

We’ve a beta of 1.1.2 ready for testing. The main changes are as follows…

Change-log since 1.1.1

  • We’ve added zoom/in and out to the sampler. You’ll see a magnifier glass when you mouse over the sample. Clicking down sets an anchor pointer and up/down drag zooms in/out.
  • On the top bar, we’ve added the ability to record then drag out a played note as a wave file. We’d like this feature to be self explanatory, so if you’re a tester, please try and use it. Feedback on the UX and workflow is much appreciated.
  • We’ve added a new “master tune” under the glide menu in the bottom left corner. This is also an automatable parameter, so you can now control the pitch of SubLab +/-24 semitones using automation lanes in your DAW.
  • You can now tune the sample if you have “tracking” turned off.
  • Velocity Sensitivity is added and is a global setting.
  • We’ve added an “FL Studio” sequencer mode. When enabled, it shifts midi notes so they work with the default octave that FL Studio’s midi sequencer sends out.

Anyone who wants to beta test, just send me a mail (support@futureaudioworkshop.com) and I’ll forward on the download links. If sending a mail, make sure to use the same email address as your FAW account.

Thanks again and looking forward to getting this version checked and out!

Also, every time we post a fresh beta, we’ll delete all the older comments related to previous versions.


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Huge functionality added, well done guys! Will wait the Win version.
Also, sorry if I was off last month but I mixed my son first mixtape and I was very busy…I’m telling you this becuase he used SubLab on every track, and from a mixing POV it was great to mix it, very easy to handle, and you know that manage bass frequancies into a mix is the hardest challenge for mix engineer…well SubLab make the job easy, it seems that everything is already in place, just a little bit of EQ and the job is done, that’s great .

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Hmmmm…still nothing for Circle2 users on Windows???

So, when is it going to be available on Plugin Boutique? Is there any link here that i can download? Thanks!

@kidstretch, once beta testing is over, we’ll release it both on our site and send it over to the guys at PluginBoutique.


Its on the way Blipofthefish, just need to get the SubLab build out of the way.


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Thanks, oh, I thought as I applied to test the beta that I would get the link. Thanks anyway.

@kidstretch, if you’re on the beta list you should have gotten an email on Friday? If not, send me through a mail to gavin.burke@futureaudioworkshop.com and I’ll get you setup!


I did the 1.1.2 update but still showing 1.1.1

Hey @Khari,

That looks like the old version. Did you re-start your DAW? Sometimes if you install while your DAW is running you can end up with the previous version until you restart.

Let me know if this work.


Yep. I restarted twice.I’ll try a third time.

3 installs and 3 restarts.


Ok, that looks like the correct installer for sure!

Can you navigate to /Library/Audio/Plugin-Ins/Components and right click “SubLab.component”, then select “Get Info”

Do you see something similar to below? The created date should match. Also can you let me know what it says under “Sharing and Permissions”, all should be “read&write”.


@Khari, any update on whether you can install 1.1.2 correctly? I’ve been doing some checking here and it all seems ok on my side.

1.1.2 installs fine on Windows 10.

Still seeing the same problem with the Sampler waveform starting on the wrong downswing instead of on the upswing of the original waveform. Even at a 1 ms attack on the volume envelope, the waveform always starts out on the negative downswing, which could interfere with layering and phase with other basses or kicks.

Following screenshots taken with “Restart Phase on Note” enabled.

Hey @Baphometrix,

Ok, I’ll have a look in to this and report back here.

Did everything else go ok? We made a lot of changes to the way pitch works and also added the “Sample” button to the top bar.

Sample from the Moog Subsequent is a nice idea, I might have a look at doing the same :slight_smile:


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@Gavin_FAW I’m testing the new release these days, I will post a recap shortly

Hey @Residente, we’ve been testing the build over the past weeks and looking at releasing it this Friday. Would you be able to test out the new features before then. We’re confident everything is fine but the more testing the better :slight_smile:


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@Gavin_FAW of course, I’m on it since monday (I’m on Win so I started my tests before you release it) I will complete all today and post my finds, at the moment everything is smooth as silk :slight_smile: